"My family has proudly served our community and nation for generations. I am here to serve the T/E community, listen to you, and represent your concerns on our school board."

"We need to maintain the standard of excellence for which our district is known, while ensuring that every child has access to high-quality education, regardless of their circumstances, learning differences, or barriers to achievement."

"With three decades of business experience, I will be focused on strengthening our community through responsible funding to strengthen our schools and invest in the future; instilling an entrepreneurial attitude toward change; and using a data-driven, collaborative approach to solving problems."

A Practical Values-driven Approach

My Values: The Role of Public Education

All good public schools like the ones we have in T/E must exemplify three core civic values:

  • Accountability: Public Schools are accountable for using taxpayer dollars effectively to reach its goals.

  • Community: Public Schools reflect the diversity of our community and promote understanding and cohesion among its members.

  • Excellence: Public Schools provide a high-quality education to every child, regardless of their circumstances.

My Goals

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Build Community Consensus

Use innovative tools to create community consensus around complicated issues facing the school district, such as all day Kindergarten or increasing general and special needs enrollment.

Strengthen Achievement Pipeline

Strengthen the pipeline for above-level, honors, and AP classes to better prepare and support students who have the interest in and ability to take them.

Improve Transparency and Communication

Develop better ways to communicate complex planning processes and performance data, like student achievement, district budgeting, and capital improvement projects.

Develop School District Policy on Artificial Intelligence

Develop policies for the appropriate use of AI by students and teachers and on the development of curriculum and courses on using AI, AI ethics, and AI technology.

My Approach

As a school board director, Kenneth will use his business and community experience to focus on:

  • Responsible funding that strengthens our schools and invests in the future.

  • Support inclusive curriculum and individual freedom.

  • Instilling an entrepreneurial attitude toward educational and technological innovation.

  • Listening and responding to parent concerns and using a collaborative, data-driven approach to solving problems.

  • Supporting all children along the achievement spectrum with opportunities to “fit in” throughout their school years and emerge with the self-assurance to blaze their own paths in the world.